Is your brake fluid bad?

Is it damaging your master cylinder, corroding your calipers and breaking down the metal supply lines?  Is it dangerous to drive with bad fluid in a vehicle?

Unfortunately there is a 90% chance the answers are YES!
And, not knowing will cost thousands, not hundreds... in today's vehicles.  Worse, it may mean your system might not operate correctly in an emergency situation.

So how do we know the exact time for change, without guessing?

Should you look at the mileage (we have to assume OEM's believe everyone drives exactly the same)? 
Should you go by the brown color (but wouldn't brown be a sign rust has already developed)?

Obviously neither answer above is correct!
The right answer is....

The only "certifiable" method for "analyzing" Brake Fluid!



Simple One-Drop Test
Testing Technology at Your Finger Tips

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