Brake Noise
can be stopped!

GWR manufactures the only OEM Approved products specifically designed to eliminate annoying squeal and squeak... after the installation of new disc brake pads!  Guaranteed!!!

The only 8 time winner of UnderCar Digest Magazine's "Top Products of the Year" Contest.  
Professional technicians across the country have consistantly voted us the "best", since our Swiss made products were introduced to the US market in 1995.


Click here for Pastelub "Real Synthetic" 2400F Brake Lube. Click here for Silencer info and the famous "Six Steps"

See Detailed Information on GWR's Exclusive
"6 Step" Assembly Procedure by click this link...
It's your Guarantee of Noise Free Stops!
the Silencer Technical Pages


Because brakes are complex... we prefer you call us at 1 (800) 266-4497 or send an E-Mail before placing an order.

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